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Movable Python

Here you can buy several fun, useful and interesting programs.
  • Nanagram the Anagram - The best anagram maker in town.
  • Movable Python - Portable Python for Windows.
  • SPV C500 / C550 / C600 Unlock - Procedure to unlock your smartphone.
  • T-Mobile SDA 1 & 2 - Unlock Procedure, for your PDA
To buy Movable Python, go to the Groups Page.

For the other programs, browse the files to the left. There are several free demo versions to download and try out.

Movable Python is a Portable distribution of the Python programming language for Windows.

Each distribution costs only 4.99, and supports the development of the other free, Open Source, Voidspace Python Projects.

It doesn't need to be installed, and can be carried around on a USB Flash Card or Memory Stick. Python on a Stick.

You can also use it for testing compatibility with older or newer versions of Python than the one installed on the machine, or where you don't have the ability to install new programs.

For more information, visit the Movable Python Homepage.

Oh, and by the way, it's Movable Python, not Moveable Python.